My Websites

While making websites pleasing to the eye with color schemes and other design elements, I also like to keep my sites clean, functional, and easy to read. Dark backgrounds and neon text can look cool, but can be difficult for some people to read and generally have a higher ‘click away’ rate.

The purpose for some of these websites was to to earn affiliate commissions from the sale of third party goods and services, and some were to practice building websites and ranking them on the first page of  Google. Once established, many of them can be sold for a very nice return via online auctions.

These are just a few of my sites…


Free People Find USA

Lead Generation Techniques

Search People by Name

Sony xl2100u Replacement Lamp Guide

Bollywood Movies 2011

Business Coupons

GVO Dollars

GTA Deck and Fence Builder

Sushi Catering GTA

Ruby Wines and Spirits

Wholesale  Suppliers Online

Adult Disney Costume

Adult Monkey Costumes

Batman Costumes for Kids

Kids Dog Costumes

Star Wars Stormtrooper Costume

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costume

MLM Wealth Report

 York Region Online Marketing

I am able to make very visually dynamic pages as well, as for a rock band’s website, though my preference is for professional looking sites that get ranked by the search engines.
I use the very versatile Thesis theme for WordPress to create all my websites, working mostly in code.